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Shape and size of the room

Select the approximate shape and the maximum size of the room. The approximate shape means a rectangle (square) or an L-shaped room. The orientation of the room isn't important - you can use the following examples as a model:

Select the L-shape in this case
Select the rectangle in this case

Design your heating system in a few steps

This guide enables the design of floor heating in a few steps by selecting from suggested possibilities. Move between the individual steps using the buttons "Next" and "Back". You can use your mouse to select an offered option, and a simple drawing of your application can also be made with the mouse. During individual steps "help" information can be displayed if needed.

You can access the following steps by pressing the Next button.

You can return to the previous steps later using the "Step n" links in the top right section of the page.

The first step is to select the type of room and its floor:



Shape of the room

Choose the size and shape of room which is closest to your required dimensions and situation. If you do not wish to heat the whole surface of the room but only a specific area (e.g. in front of the bath), draw the size and shape of the desired area to be heated using the designer and avoid placing any furnishing objects upon it.

Maximum size

Approximate shape